Groin Pull/Strain

A groin pull is an injury to the inner muscles of the thigh (groin). Groin pulls can be seen in any recreational activity but are common in hockey, running and soccer.

The injury is related to hip muscle strength, previous injury and the condition/fitness of the individual. A groin pull is a very generic diagnosis given to pain in the inner thing and groin but special care must be given to diagnosis and examination to rule out other causes of groin pain which can include a hernia, osteitis pubis, hip joint problems (arthritis, labral tears, capsular conditions), cumulative trauma disorders, muscle tears (lots of muscles in this area), tendonopathies, and low back problems with nerve irritation. Thus the area must be examined correctly by a health care practitioner, particularly one who deals with sports injuries. With any groin injury proper rehabilitation should incorporate pelvic stabilization exercises, adductor strengthening and core strengthening exercises.