Functional Range Release (F.R.)

Functional Range ReleaseFunctional Range Release is an advanced system of soft-tissue treatment based in the principles of myofascial release. This system focuses on the assessment, localization, and systematic treatment of soft-tissue lesions (adhesions) and areas of fibrosis (scar tissue) which develop as a result of injury, repetitive strain, and cumulative trauma. F.R. expands on the basic tenets of myofascial-release treatments by simultaneously assessing, expanding, and strengthening the patient’s functional range of motion. In combination with F.R., Progressive Angular Isometric Loading (PAILS) is utilized.  PAILS uses an ‘isometric’ contraction component to simultaneously begin the rehabilitation process by working on muscle contraction, activation, and endurance in the outer ranges of motion, leading to an expansion of the patient’s functional range of motion. This technique is utilized in injury rehabilitation to produce strength and endurance in increasing ranges of movement. When utilized with the Functional Range Release system it allows practitioners to simultaneously release tissue tension while commencing the rehabilitative process, which will:

  • Teach the CNS how to maximally recruit muscle fibres.
  • Decrease the onset of muscular inhibition and wasting that occurs post injury.
  • Improve neural drive to inhibited muscular tissue.
  • Expand the range of motion in which forces can be generated (ie. expand the functional range).

Dr. Selby has completed the Full Body requirements of the Functional Anatomical Palpation prerequisites and is currently certified in Functional Range Release.