Patellofemoral pain syndrome/Chondromalacia Patella/Runners Knee

Common symptoms of PFPS include pain or a dull ache underneath the kneecap when walking up stairs, squatting, or getting up after being seated for lengthy periods. The knee may also catch when bending or a squeaking or grinding sensation can be present.

It is often caused by a dysfunction in the musculature of the knee including the quadriceps muscle, which causes an abnormal movement pattern or tracking of the patella (knee cap) on the femur (thigh bone) during movement. The abnormal contact and friction of the patella on the femur leads to articular problems with the underside of the patella that can cause pain and degeneration. ART and FRR can help to loosen the surrounding tissue, acupuncture can stimulate the nerves supplying the knee and rehabilitation should be used to strengthen and correct any biomechanical errors contributing to the syndrome.